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The Answers are right HERE!!!


Paper and pens and pencils, maybe a pair of scissors…… It’s all you need…
You can create ANYTHING!!!
Sketch it out!!
Write it down!!
The ideas will just keep coming when you move your hands!!
Simple goodness!!
So great!


Great time at Canaveral Seashore Paint Out :)

This was a really fun event! 26 plain air painters all making art and raising money for programs for the Canaveral National Seashore.

A great cause and a beautiful national treasure!

And we enjoyed perfect October weather 🙂

beach! marysdeck yellowdog captain clancys seashorepalm paintingpalm dootie unnamed gallerywall nina opening steve sweetspot soft boat boatinprogress-1 marysinprogress marys flowers

Many thanks to all the volunteers and artists and our fantastic leaders, Nancy, John, Dick as well as Cathy for finding great places for us to stay.

And a special thanks to my sweet hosts Mary Sue and Bill and of course their sweet dog Dootie!


Study for a Winter Park commission


I love when you are commissioned to do something you would do anyway! Perfect! Here is my first pass on a painting done on Park Avenue this week.
This reminds me of the days that I worked in film and television. My first big job was as an Assistant Set Decorator. It was a Fox television show called…oh dear, Super Force, which was kind of a Robo Cop idea….anyway, I’ll never forget being handed $1,000.00 petty cash, and sent off to scour my favorite antique stores and thrift shops to find props and furniture for the sets. I could not believe my LUCK!! I was getting paid to do the thing I loved most! It was a great job, and it lead to many more years working in the business. I made some amazing friends, have lots of dorky stories about making props for Nickelodeon, and still consider working in film and television as my favorite “job” other than being a full time artist.
I still love the hunt for great colors, interesting shapes, things that catch your eye, only now, the game is to put them down in paint, which I would have to admit, is the most challenging, and extremely enjoyable game yet…..and you get to be outside.

Vibrating some color


Some studies where I am really enjoying moving the paint around and playing with vibrating the colors next to each other. Another great game!


I Value Simple Shapes :)


Always learning!! Always learning! Always learning!!
It’s nice to be home and back painting outside with my fav pals Don Don and Tim. We call ourselves The Cody’s, which is dorky at best, but it makes us laugh, which is all that really matters 🙂

Anyhooo, the premise I am working with these days is to SIMPLIFY!!!!
Using only 3-4 values, I am exploring shape and pattern-making in a new way.
It’s a new puzzle for me and I love the way you can connect the darks and lights. It gives you a more freedom to place things in a way that makes your eyes want to happily flow and play along.
Its a great game, simple picture making, and even though I am temped to play with color, cause, well, it’s color and there is nothing better, I am going to continue working on strengthening my design and composition skills, so when it’s time to hang some luscious color on those shapes, I will hopefully have a great lookin structure to work with.
That’s the plan.
So, the word for the day..SIMPLIFY!!!