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Great time at Canaveral Seashore Paint Out :)

This was a really fun event! 26 plain air painters all making art and raising money for programs for the Canaveral National Seashore.

A great cause and a beautiful national treasure!

And we enjoyed perfect October weather 🙂

beach! marysdeck yellowdog captain clancys seashorepalm paintingpalm dootie unnamed gallerywall nina opening steve sweetspot soft boat boatinprogress-1 marysinprogress marys flowers

Many thanks to all the volunteers and artists and our fantastic leaders, Nancy, John, Dick as well as Cathy for finding great places for us to stay.

And a special thanks to my sweet hosts Mary Sue and Bill and of course their sweet dog Dootie!



Just a little sunshine


A little moment from the dock.
Have a lovely sunny day XOXOXO

Sky notes from the dock


La la la
In an obvious attempt to procrastinate going to the studio to work on my show deadline, I told myself I would just do a few quick sketches off the dock.

Here is a handful of observations:

Lucky Turtle count 2
Great blue heron low fly by 1
There are a ridiculous amount of wind patterns happening (quite lovely) I lost count at 788,992,492..
I need an eraser
The sound of a squirrel tickle fight in the Cypress tree is amusing
Drawing clouds is not as easy as you might think….

Ps. I noticed myself singing “I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now, la la la, and still somehow, la la la, I really don’t know clouds…at alllllllllll…

My new painting pal


I am in deadline mode for an upcoming art show, so I should be at the studio..but I am determined to take a little time on the dock each day to paint. My cloud study today has a jumbly feeling. I get so excited about how a brush stroke looks that I lose the bigger picture… A better painting….arggggg!!!
Still, I wake up and rush out there, because in my mind, it’s so easy!
Have a lovely!
Ps. I had a super friendly dragonfly settle in on my toes throughout this whole painting session!!! Win win!


Cheers from the dock!!


Here we go again!!
Another dock painting, maybe I should try a Zorn pallet and paint without blue….. 🙂
Ps. Saw not one, but two lucky turtles today. Swimming, noses in the air, directly towards each other. Why that makes me so happy I’m not sure!


Hello rain!


Painting in the rain!
Started out on the dock in the sunshine, ah, pretty…but even prettier…. I realized rain was coming across the lake. OH, so moody and beautiful. They say, don’t chase the weather when you are painting, it will confuse you, and your painting. And it’s true.
However, hahahaaa, I did just that and proved the “rule” to be correct. Oh well. Here’s my messy and extremely wet (rain drop wet) painting. Lets call it a study, because it doesn’t feel finished.
A few days ago, I thought I was really on to something.. Today, not so sure, but what else is better than creating in the rain.
Note to self, when its raining..cover up your phone….