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Rock, Paper, Scissors! Inspiration and art in the great outdoors!! Starts tomorrow

Lets play outdoors!!

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Join me for this fun class where we will make art and play outside! STARTS TOMORROW!

We will be drawing, painting, photographing and combining things in a fresh way.

Part of the “Lunch hour ART series” you can enjoy three bite sized, playful, online lessons this week!

There is so much to love in our beautiful, natural world. We will be inspired by nature’s wonderful designs, shapes, colors, textures and more! I would love to see you there!

click here!

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I am super excited to be a part of a Life Book 2015!

cool news!!! great year long online class!!

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Life Book 2015 is a fantastic year long class that will bring you wonderful prompts, artful stories, wonderful teachers and tons of inspiration! Check it out here and make art a big part of your 2015!

HOW MUCH FUN CAN WE HAVE IN 2015?!?! Art making is fun!

please use this link to sign up!


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Collage and Paint Party Workshop!!

We had a lovely time at my recent Collage and Paint party workshop! Really messy and fun!

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Total blast this weekend in my studio!
Messy, playful, colorful and a ton of fun! Big Thanks to all of you amazing ladies!

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A tiny bouquet


A little bunch of flowers that just screamed to be painted one more time… I love fresh flowers on the dining room table so much, that often it can’t make myself throw them away…they look pretty even in their varying stages of… Well….decline?
The colors shift and their shapes change… Still beautiful 🙂
Here is a small oil on canvas 🙂

From the dining room table


It’s been a little chilly lately at the studio. We don’t actually have heat in my part of the building, and when I plug in my space heater…KaPOP, blown fuse.

So today my easel is set up at home 🙂


Just a little sunshine


A little moment from the dock.
Have a lovely sunny day XOXOXO

Check out Seth Apter’s new book!!

I am thrilled to be a part of Seth’s new book!! He is a great artist and a fantastic writer! And one of the nicest and most organized folks I know!
The Mixed-Media Artist: Art Tips, Tricks, Secrets and Dreams from Over 40 Amazing Artists Seth Apter

I am featured on his blog today!