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Filling the cup!



Sometimes it’s nice to draw and Paint in a new place! I ❤️ travel!
Hope you are having a great day 🙂

Xoxo from the Florida Keys


Just sayin hi!!


Cool things are cooking in the studio again.. And some fun music stuff too..
In addition, my pal Karen and I have started a new thing… for the past 5 months we do a run/road race each month… So far we have “run for trees” run for Wekiva State Park, we did a Color Run, complete with powered color all over us..heck we even did a “turkey trot run” at thanksgiving … This month it’s a chocolate sundae run!! Yep!!! That’s what we will get at the finish line!!!!!
Ice cream!!
Not bad!
Hope you are enjoying your spring!!




Nice show!!


So! I do lots of different art type things. I’ve earned my living, miraculously, as an artist for as long as I can remember. So, this weekend was my hometown art festival in our pretty little downtown. Winter Park, Florida is a charming and lush, bricked street, lake in every square mile…..oak canopied, sun dappled type of town.
I remember my grandad showing his beautiful paintings on the sidewalk there when I was a child, and later my mom showing her paintings in the park across the street.. And now, for many years, I have had the pleasure of being one of the artists who get to “set up shop” with my work. It’s a happy legacy and one filled with friends, music, lifelong memories and wonderful Artists…. And a new tradition of “bowling night” that’s a whole other story…
Thank you Winter Park for your love of artists!! You are a wonderful hometown. XOXOXOOXXO


Just a little sunshine


A little moment from the dock.
Have a lovely sunny day XOXOXO

Just so durn pretty!


Did you know that Constable, the amazing painter, called the act of painting outdoors “skying”
They say he was like a weather man, that he studied and understood the sky better than anyone. He did paint some amazing clouds!!
Skying, I love that term.



An interview about my life as an artist in Central Florida

The nicest gal came by the studio a few weeks back and recorded an oral history about my experiences as an artist living in Central Florida, for the Orlando Library Memory Project.
Thank you Jane Tracy!! Xoxox

Ps. Note to self, don’t say “you know”
so much… Or “like” 🙂

Orlando Memory Project

Da dock


Mmmmmmmm, sometimes if you are not drawing it, or painting it, you just have to soak in it.
I heard great painter Clyde Aspevig
Say you should really get to know your subject. Sometimes observing it can be just as important as painting it
Sounds good to me!!
Have a great weekend!