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A free fun tutorial for yOu! Best idea ever JAr :)


When I am not painting I have always loved to do mixed media assemblages and collage…
Here is a sweet little idea that anyone can do.. Maybe you even put your brushes in one of the jars!!
Here is a link! Click away!! It’s freeeee!
Lynn Whipple jar project
And a photo of a Jar I made for my sweet neighbor Mr. Warren.
With love!



Nice show!!


So! I do lots of different art type things. I’ve earned my living, miraculously, as an artist for as long as I can remember. So, this weekend was my hometown art festival in our pretty little downtown. Winter Park, Florida is a charming and lush, bricked street, lake in every square mile…..oak canopied, sun dappled type of town.
I remember my grandad showing his beautiful paintings on the sidewalk there when I was a child, and later my mom showing her paintings in the park across the street.. And now, for many years, I have had the pleasure of being one of the artists who get to “set up shop” with my work. It’s a happy legacy and one filled with friends, music, lifelong memories and wonderful Artists…. And a new tradition of “bowling night” that’s a whole other story…
Thank you Winter Park for your love of artists!! You are a wonderful hometown. XOXOXOOXXO


Just a little sunshine


A little moment from the dock.
Have a lovely sunny day XOXOXO

An interview about my life as an artist in Central Florida

The nicest gal came by the studio a few weeks back and recorded an oral history about my experiences as an artist living in Central Florida, for the Orlando Library Memory Project.
Thank you Jane Tracy!! Xoxox

Ps. Note to self, don’t say “you know”
so much… Or “like” 🙂

Orlando Memory Project

Sight sizing, painting with your canvas at a distance


Painting outdoors yesterday with my pal Don, our discussion included one of his professors who would do large “sight sizing” self portraits by placing the oversized canvas quite a distance from the mirror. In his case, about 25-30 feet away. He would roller skate back and forth between his reflection, where he would mix color an decide on one or two brush marks, then he would move quickly from the mirror to the distant canvas and place the stroke. Then, back to the mirror to look at the painting from a distance, mix more color from his reflection and so on….back and forth, back and forth, until the big painting was complete. Very cool idea!

So we tried it!!!!

OMG! Very funny! And hard, and a workout! Here are some pics. We placed the canvas about 12 feet from the mirror. Had a warm light source on the right and the cool light came from a large window to our left. I think we spent under 2 hours.
Look closely and you will see Don is riding a skateboard!! He almost crashed into the easel.

It was amazing to see our 22×28 self portraits build in this way. Don is a great painter, a good friend and a generous teacher, so I learned a ton.
This way of looking forced us make only one or two strokes/decisions at a time, no noodling. For me, I felt a sense of urgency to remember my intended stroke, so I RAN to the canvas and back every time! I think we made some pretty intense noises and we were cracking up. You should try it! Susan Bach, our studio mate, was working nearby and thought the whole process hysterical and would make a good game show. Wouldn’t that be fun?? Yes please!!









Memory painting


So, while working in the studio on some collage for an upcoming show, I asked Mr Google to find me something interesting to listen to about painting. I typed in a favorite painter Eric Aho and found this link.

Such a nice way to work, listening to a great conversation about how another artist goes about his world. I love the abstract strength of his representational work. He works out of doors and in the studio from studies and memory. He mentions a commitment to reality, as well as capturing the moment and the experience. Also, in his investigation of light, he speaks about a painting offering its own kind of light. There is lots more….. following the path of a painting and the attempt to make ideas tangible…. I love that.
So, while listening, I put down what I was working on and hopped up and painted how I remembered the lake this morning. It was rainy and spitting and somewhat misty and grayish. I looked at it for a while, as I do every morning, but I was surprised that I could easily recall the picture and the mood in my mind. I was more interested in getting the feeling of looking across the lake more than what it really looks like. This is what came forth. It was a great exercise. Enjoyable and engaging.

Happy Painting!
Ps. It’s late now, and it’s still raining on the metal studio roof. A tropical storm is causing this unusually long day of steady rain and I love it.
Pss before this I was listening to Burt Bacharach. Go figure.