My new painting pal


I am in deadline mode for an upcoming art show, so I should be at the studio..but I am determined to take a little time on the dock each day to paint. My cloud study today has a jumbly feeling. I get so excited about how a brush stroke looks that I lose the bigger picture… A better painting….arggggg!!!
Still, I wake up and rush out there, because in my mind, it’s so easy!
Have a lovely!
Ps. I had a super friendly dragonfly settle in on my toes throughout this whole painting session!!! Win win!



3 responses to “My new painting pal

  1. i know exactly what you mean, in my mind to create a great image seems in my grasp, but each time i set down with a new canvas, i feel as though i have painted, but that’s a good thing though?…….

    • Me too Andrew! I looks so simple in my my mind and each day I think I have discovered “the secret”
      I always think of painting like juggling,
      One day I have 3 balls in the air, the next day I try and add a forth ball, and end up dropping all of them!
      It’s tricky, which is why I enjoy it so much!

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