So I had this idea



Just back from the Plein Air Convention in Monterey California. Wow! Fantastic! It was really enjoyable…. great demos, great artists…I will have lots more to say on that topic in the near future.
So, while I was there It occurred to me that my brain may work differently than most. (Insert joke here). I realized my way of working with collage all these years, may help me simplify composition and understand value better. I headed up to my favorite river, the Wekiva, and set about doing a torn paper collage first and a study in oil after.

All I had was a magazine and some glue. No scissors, no nuthin.
Here’s a few pics of what happened.

Torn paper collage in the basic shape of the river in front of me. It was a ton of fun. Then the little 5×5 painting on paper, was enjoyable too. I made a map for myself and kept it simple.

Outside and making stuff. That’s really all I need!!







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