Study for a Winter Park commission


I love when you are commissioned to do something you would do anyway! Perfect! Here is my first pass on a painting done on Park Avenue this week.
This reminds me of the days that I worked in film and television. My first big job was as an Assistant Set Decorator. It was a Fox television show called…oh dear, Super Force, which was kind of a Robo Cop idea….anyway, I’ll never forget being handed $1,000.00 petty cash, and sent off to scour my favorite antique stores and thrift shops to find props and furniture for the sets. I could not believe my LUCK!! I was getting paid to do the thing I loved most! It was a great job, and it lead to many more years working in the business. I made some amazing friends, have lots of dorky stories about making props for Nickelodeon, and still consider working in film and television as my favorite “job” other than being a full time artist.
I still love the hunt for great colors, interesting shapes, things that catch your eye, only now, the game is to put them down in paint, which I would have to admit, is the most challenging, and extremely enjoyable game yet…..and you get to be outside.


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