I Love this book! Landscape Painting by Mitchell Albala


I can not go another minute without sharing how much I am enjoying this book!
I picked it up at a fabulous (now my favorite) Art Supply store called Meiningers in Denver. Worth a visit, you will not be disappointed 🙂

You know how you find book and realize that it’s perfect for you…It feels good in your hands, smells right, has nice paper, great images and you can’t put it down even while you are still shopping? That was how I responded to this book.

I have read it cover to cover, not just looked at the beautiful paintings from a great range of artists, but actually read every sentence. He is a good writer. Smooth, smart, helpful, calm, wise and easy to assimilate. Delish.

I really love the array of artists he includes, mostly contemporary. I am a huge fan of Stuart Shils and was delighted to find him snugged in towards the end on the chapter about Abstraction.
Another fav was T. Allen Lawson who’s composition and soft pallet spoke to me. Terry Miura….yum….want…..
Tim Horn…fresh! Russell Chatham, thank you….Kathleen Dunphy..please..Glen Raschik, Gavin Brooks….my pal John Constable…and of course the author himself, who is a wonderful painter.

Clear, good lookin and to the point was how I would describe this book. And it feels great in your hands. Perfect.


We give it two thumbs and 4 paws up



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