Memory painting


So, while working in the studio on some collage for an upcoming show, I asked Mr Google to find me something interesting to listen to about painting. I typed in a favorite painter Eric Aho and found this link.

Such a nice way to work, listening to a great conversation about how another artist goes about his world. I love the abstract strength of his representational work. He works out of doors and in the studio from studies and memory. He mentions a commitment to reality, as well as capturing the moment and the experience. Also, in his investigation of light, he speaks about a painting offering its own kind of light. There is lots more….. following the path of a painting and the attempt to make ideas tangible…. I love that.
So, while listening, I put down what I was working on and hopped up and painted how I remembered the lake this morning. It was rainy and spitting and somewhat misty and grayish. I looked at it for a while, as I do every morning, but I was surprised that I could easily recall the picture and the mood in my mind. I was more interested in getting the feeling of looking across the lake more than what it really looks like. This is what came forth. It was a great exercise. Enjoyable and engaging.

Happy Painting!
Ps. It’s late now, and it’s still raining on the metal studio roof. A tropical storm is causing this unusually long day of steady rain and I love it.
Pss before this I was listening to Burt Bacharach. Go figure.


2 responses to “Memory painting

  1. Beautiful color and texture. love it!

    • Dear Sandra,
      Thank YOu!! I just enjoyed soaking in your blog!!
      Wow! I love it!! Über inspiring! Love love love!
      Now I am off to make art because you have inspired me.
      Have a glorious day, and thanks for making mine better already.

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