very cold beer, nommmmmm

super windy alley

Notes from today:

A c-c-c-cold beer is SO SATISFYING! Especially after a windy, chilly day painting! yAY! It’s a perfect excuse to hang out and talk trash, and do important things like play “guess the temperature,” mispronounce words and google 700 things we have bets on. Yesterday, we talked about a whole array of smart and funny stuff, but then went into a full on gross out contest. Let’s just say, Don won. OMG!!! ewwwwwwww and ick. Here is a clue, there were smells involved…in the story I mean, but it was hysterical. I hope the tables near by were not tuning in. I thought I was going to hurl. Fred came in second, with a few highly disgusting frat boy incidents….really??? on a paper plate? who doest that??? gross. Then we got to the serious paint talk, which is always really good. We can get down and dirty on so many topics to do with art and picture making and color and temperature and so much more.  I love this part. It is everything I am interested in and it is friendship. I think we truly are each others biggest fans. I know I have grown and learn so much from you guys. Larry, Don Don, Mealticket. you are the best and most generous geniuses ever. Thanks pals.
The Cody’s rule!
With wuvs,


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