all i know is I like to paint

happy 2011!

its going to be an amazing year! I have this deep desire to keep painting every day. I was telling my friend Hal the other day, that, though this sounds really hokey, I think I am having a romance with painting. I love it that much. The color and the light and the challege. it’s that slice of heaven where time stops and you are in your own zone of communication with the world around you. I adore it. And, that is that!

It’s a new year and the last 4 paintings I have done this week are starting to find a new direction that is really making sense to me. I have learned so much from so many great friends and uber talented painters, but it’s starting to come through in a new way, where I can juggle more balls and it’s coming faster and free-er. (? is that a word) I am moving into something really exciting, at least to me!

And the other best part is having fun with people you love and enjoy during the process. I love it. I just do!! I will post a few pics of the new batch of paintings. There are people who do a painting a day blog and stuff. I have been making a painting a day for a while, but don’t show them to anyone except those I paint with.  Maybe I will share, cause we can learn from each other.

or not!!! hahahaaaa!

Happy New YEAR!!



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