stuff happens

With so many wonderful and informative painting blogs out there in the world, decided to just share some of the dopey and fun stuff that happens when we paint.

First, we now we have a name for our painting group. We are officially “The Codys”

The Codys are based off of one of the guys on a “man vs wild” type show that Don watches. Cody is the nature lover who, to stay as close to the earth as possible, never wears shoes. Even in the snow. We relate to him. He is our guy. He also has long blond braids and is a bit of a scaredy cat. I think he might be a bad speller too. We relate to that as well. He wears a bandana. We however, do not.

Sample morning check list:

Lynn do you have your paints? check!
do you have your giant palette? check!
do you have your paper towels? Check!
Lynn do you have your PRimal Spirit?? (insert hand motion where you wave your right hand from above your head to your thigh) CHECK!
do you have your hat? Check!
ok, we are ready……

next stop, Palmano’s for coffee. We are fast, it’s quick and it’s good
Alternate stop: The French Bakery. Cost: 2000 calories just walking in the door and breathing in the butter. NOMMmmmm, totally worth it

Then we PAINT!!!
There are rules here too. we go fast! Really fast because, Don has a date with sunlight. I’m just sayin.

OTher rules include, no one can carry anything for anyone else. We all have go man up here, especially me. I am in training. They would have me sprint up to the top of Mt. Kill a man jaro, fully packed. The only rule is NEVER show any sign of weakness. EVER! Then you would have to buy coffee.

more to come!


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